Welcome! Come on in and stay awhile…. I’ll put some tea on to boil and get you some goodies to nibble on while we catch up on everything crafty.


2018 is Busy, busy, busy!

Winter weather finds me crocheting and I’ve been working on several projects including a shawl, an infinity scarf,  several hats and a handful of cat toys. Meanwhile I’m in the home stretch of finishing “New Blue”! A queen sized quilt journey I will not soon forget. Learn more on social media #newbluequilt

I’m on instagram! Come see what crafty shenanigans I’m getting into and follow me @craftycurlyrae.

Coming Soon!

I have some new soaps ready 🙂 I’ll have them listed in my shop soon.

Gardenia soap with bentonite clay,  tomato & charcoal soap, an updated eucalyptus spearmint soap, honeysuckle lemongrass soap, and a new batch of Mindful Magnolia soap. ALSO, my new ocean landscape soap smells as good as it looks!

Do you love glycerin soap? Going back to my beginings as a soaper, I made a beautiful batch of Sea Glass soap that is simply gorgeous. Look for it in my shop!

Autumn Plans:

I’m tired of the hot, humid summer already so thinking about the cool autumn air gets me excited. I’m cooking up a new batch of fall-themed soaps that I can’t wait to share with you: chai, pumpkin and something warm and appley. My glycerin soaps will have pumpkin shapes or other fall-themed items embedded inside and make great gifts.

I’ve been crocheting slippers and hats for those cool evenings to come.  I’d love to find time to make a shawl or other warm attire too.






Each creation is crafted with love and my wish is that your visit to Soulshine Sundries has brought you a smile,  joy, and inspiration.