Tomato Paste and Charcoal Soap


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Tomatoes help protect your skin from free radicals, encourage cell replacement, and reduce sebum production while charcoal clarifies, detoxifies, and deoderizes. This soap is fantastic for blemish-prone skin and as a facial cleanser. The addition of luxurious rice bran oil adds moisture right where you need it.

Scent strength: mild

Ingredients: soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil pomace, rice bran oil, tomato paste, charcoal, and fragrance.

Funny story! I can’t remember what fragrance I added to this and 😱 I didn’t write it down. To me, it smells clean with a light musk background. I’m wondering if I used ‘bay’? A reminder that being human means imperfections.

Soap Notes:  Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. Allowing your soap to dry between uses ensures longest product life. Please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Handcrafted items may vary in color or shape. Feline and yarn friendly home.

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