Come on, Get In

Gosh it’s been awhile! And until today, I felt shame about not blogging. Wait, what? Let me back up just a tad.

Songs have always been the soundtrack to my life, ever-present to bestow the many gifts music gives me. It is a universal language and how infants first begin processing. Certain artists call (or present themselves) to me during phases of my life, as I search for answers, comfort, or joy. And I firmly believe that music comes into my life when I’m ready for it.

I’ve been well acquainted with K.T. Tunstall’s music since she dropped “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on her 2004 album EYE TO THE TELESCOPE. I recently splurged on a more recent endeavor, CRESCENT MOON from 2013. My renewed interest and timing couldn’t be better. Her vocals playful and raw yet soft and vulnerable. I allow her music to hug me as I wade through this newest phase of my life, so similar to one in my past where she, too, offered her musical friendship.

Oddly, the song I want to mention isn’t from either of those albums. I’ll admit I’ve been listening to a youtube mix of just K.T. while sewing #newbluequilt. Rediscovering old favorites through new eyes is such a joy! TIGER SUIT (2010) contains a song entitled, “Come On, Get In”. And I have to extricate just this part of the song: “the door is open are you going to take the ride”, which stuck out to me today like a red berry on a green holly bush in the winter snow.

It may be a bit messy and imperfect but it is the right time for me to, “come on, get in”. Tomorrow is never promised, so I will do my best with the Present I’m given. And that means taking the bumpy blog ride and learning as I go. The regret of letting that proverbial door close before taking a leap of faith is far greater than any shame I may feel from a  typo in a blog lost in the world wide web of it all.

An artist is someone who creates

 I keep SIMPLE ABUNDANCE, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, in my living room where it gently reminds me to pause, breathe, and take a look inside its pages. It was still open to a page in late January when I strolled by this morning. Something pulled me near instead of walking by like I usually do so many times each day. I instantly connected with the quote included at the top:

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how…. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.”- Agnes De Mille

Starting my own website is changing my perspective regarding the imperfect process of creating art. I don’t know all the answers but if I don’t LEAP I’ll never find out.  I am grateful for the reassurance I felt after reading today’s message. A gentle reminder from SIMPLE ABUNDANCE pointed out the value of my art and being authentic- each of which grow with every leap.

Failure is part of the journey

Trying new techniques and new ideas can be exciting and frustrating all in the same day. Case in point? My crochet cabochon pendants! The thread covers up way too much of the stone which is not my desired result. So I go back to the drawing board and tweak, try again, and find what works. Failure is required in order to succeed. Reimagining is usually the key to moving beyond failure, which takes time and effort (don’t forget a healthy dose of patience!). The entire process is useful and insight can be gained along each step. Do you have a crafting hurdle you overcame, only to make your project better than you originally envisioned it?

Finding Balance

My plate is more than full- and that is a good thing since it keeps me out of trouble- (wink) however, I find it all-the-more difficult to find balance in my life. Balance between being a mom and not losing myself. Taking care of my home yet not forgetting the importance of self care. And here I sit, eating some cheese pizza (I told you my plate was full!), trying to determine how to balance the time required for the construction of my new website with the time needed to construct the goodies FOR my website. If only I could twinkle a freeze time spell!

I wanted to show you a sneak peak of my latest endeavor. Can you guess what it will be? I just love dark forest green! I’m using a soft acrylic yarn that is easy to work with and care for. I’m testing out a pattern and thinking about possible changes for style or fit. OOH! That was a few hints right there 🙂 Check back and see if you guessed right.

As for balance, I believe the best way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time. And in the mean time, there is always chocolate!

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