Past projects

I wanted to share my completed projects with you. Some have been gifts, others were commissioned, and some stay home with me.

Irish Baby Quilt was a fun challenge for me. My customer showed me a photo of a quilt and I had to create the pattern. She sent a few fabrics she wanted me to include and the rest came from my stash. Both she and the recipient were quite pleased with the results. So was I!
Elaina’s Garden – A wall hanging I made many moons ago in honor of a family member who died of cancer. An avid gardener and crafter herself, Elaina had a beautiful iris garden that I will never forget, forever immortalized in fabric.
Small decorative pillows given as gifts for Valentine’s Day.
Infant tag-a-long blanket
A quilt block I was commissioned to make. My client has three sons and as children, they loved playing near Bolin Creek, Chapel Hill. With this information, I constructed this moment in time for her and she loves it. It was to be included with more quilt blocks from other crafters as a wedding gift; unfortunately not enough were received to construct an entire quilt.